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Everything is a detail

Welcome to ECLETTICA boutique

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The term eclectic in art and in philosophy indicates the capacity of borrowing of a variety of styles from different sources and combining them in a new concept.

ECLETTICA is a narrative structure repository of ideas embracing fashion, art, design and culture. ECLETTICA’s cloth are synonymous of innovation, artisan craftmanship, often unique garments, from the tradition and the culture of beauty.

The ideas of Made in Italy above all through the value of exclusivity for lengths and contrasts, shape and proportions, harmonizing the unexpected with elegance. Concepts that evolve and come together when the garment is worn.

Valentina Belletti

I’m Valentina, I’m Eclettica I have spent most of my life in Italy following the world of design, with a particular attention to emerging artists. Today, all my background is poured into ECLETTICA, a concept store where the leading goal lays in the research for materials and lines that make each piece unique. Research into the materials, the lines, the unicity of the pieces.

Nothing is random, everything is a detail.

Come to be a part of this unique place, where everything can be a part of you.

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